Say yes to candy!

We've created a delicious line of candy that is transforming confectionery. We want to evolve candy beyond sugar and artificial ingredients into something better that's nearly indistinguishable from conventional, full sugar candy. Our candy is plant-based, low in sugar and calories, and high in fibre and flavors. It’s candy you can feel great about - no regrets.

Drop the sugar, not the fun!

BB: Mission

Better Bears is on a mission to make delicious, low sugar candy with no compromises and to spread joy by making it accessible to everyone!

BB: Vision

Our vision is to be the healthiest, most sustainable, and beloved candy company in the world.

BB: Values

Build Trust

We work diligently to earn and build the trust of our team and community. We are transparent about our products and processes. We actively listen to our team and community, and are responsive and timely with our feedback

Inspire Wellbeing

We all want to live better and believe that candy can be both delicious and functional. We proudly use high quality, Non-GMO ingredients. Our well-being also depends on the health of the environment and we are committed to better packaging solutions.

Spread Joy

Above all, candy is fun! Everything we do needs to pass a smile test. If it doesn't bring joy, we try again!

Do Better

We start with our team. We believe in a culture of continuous improvement, and we apply this to our processes and products.

BB: Founder Story

Better Bears was created in 2019 when Founder Garrett Downes went to a store to buy something sweet to snack on and struggled to find something delicious that wouldn't leave him with a sugar hangover.

A self-professed candy collector and serial entrepreneur, Garrett was disappointed by the lack of healthy options. He knew that something Better was possible! Garrett jumped in and got to work creating a gummy bear that was naturally low in sugar and calories but packed with flavor. Since then, Better Bears has launched in the USA and Canada, helping thousands of snackers to curb cravings with Carefree Candy!™