Why Healthy Snacks Are Important

There are many lessons, realizations, and breakthroughs that emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic. We learned that people could work and be just as productive from their own homes. We saw a common good achieved by rallying around and supporting front-line workers who treated coronavirus patients to help save as many lives as possible. And, perhaps most importantly, we saw a growing demand for healthier ways of living.

One of the best ways we can live healthier lives is to select healthier foods to eat throughout the day. This is especially important when it comes to snacking as foods with high sugar or trans fat content can be very unhealthy for our well-being. That’s why there’s such a growing demand for healthy snacks asx alternatives to traditional snacking habits.

Why healthy snacks are important

Studies have shown that, despite cultural beliefs, snacking can actually help manage body weight and reduce the risk of overeating. If you’re eating healthy snacks throughout the middle of the day, it means you’ll need to eat less come dinner time. Dinner is often when people eat higher carbohydrate foods with fattier content. By reducing the amount of room you have for those types of foods, you don’t expose your body to those unhealthy compounds.

Healthy snacks are also very important for growing kids. As children reach adolescence, their bodies require more calories and energy to make it through each day. Healthy snacks help kids reach their daily calorie intake without subjecting themselves to high fat or high sugar choices. This ensures they maintain healthier active lifestyles and greater overall health.

Better Bears - Healthy Snacks - Mixed Berry and Tropical Citrus Gummy Bears

What are some healthy snacks?

HealthLinkBC compiled a list of healthy snack options to encourage people across British Columbia and all of Canada to embrace healthier eating habits. Not surprisingly, fruit was one of the most recommended healthy snacks by the organization. Fresh fruits, frozen fruits, and fruits in canned water are all highly recommended for healthy snacking habits. Fruits contain essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that support healthy living, and the more fruit you can consume, the healthier you’ll feel.

Vegetables, whole grains, oats, cereals, low-fat yogurt, and low-fat cheese are also top recommended foods for snacking. Each of these foods is low in sugar and fat while containing high concentrations of nutrients like fiber, iron, calcium, and more. Your own dietary requirements will influence what healthy snacks you can eat. If you’re not sure, check with your family doctor for advice on how to eat more healthy foods.

Better Bears - Healthy Snacks - Man Eating Tropical Fruit Gummy Bear

Healthy snacks when craving sweets

Additionally, you can indulge in a sweeter snack by eating Better Bears healthy gummies. Our gummy bears are sourced from plants and contain only 1 gram of sugar and 50 calories in each packaged bag. They come in a variety of flavors from Mixed Berry to Tropical Citrus.

The best part about our delicious gummies is that they’re gluten-free and are packaged using environmentally sustainable products. You’ll get the sweet taste of traditional gummy bears in every one of our packaged goody bags with none of the exposure to high sugar that can compromise your health. Zero guilt, just sweet taste!

Healthy snacks when working out

At the Mayo Clinic, they’ve created a list of healthy snacks to eat while working out. For people who spend several hours or days of the week at the gym, healthy snacks provide the fuel, energy, and often proteins necessary to maintain such a rigorous workout schedule.

On their list of recommended healthy snacks are:

  • Protein or energy bars
  • Bananas, apples, or other fresh fruits
  • Yogurts or smoothies
  • Whole-grain foods and granola bars
  • Peanut butter sandwiches
  • Sports drinks

When working out, you want to conserve energy, maintain protein, and stay hydrated. Each of the snacks recommended by the Mayo Clinic will help you do just that. Also, since our healthy fruit gummies are made with real fruits sourced from plant-based ingredients, you can have a package of Better Bears gummy bears to help get through your workout. Learn more about where you can buy our products online and across the USA.

Healthy snacks when dieting

Many people succumbed to the COVID-15, describing the weight that was gained during the long periods of lockdown and isolation. Naturally, this led to a higher demand for dieting and healthy snacking to lose the extra weight and get back into a fit physique.

There are several recommended healthy snacks for dieting that will help you achieve your desired goals for your body. Fruits and vegetables, once again, make the list with hummus and vegetables a particularly good healthy snack to manage body weight. Nuts, nut butter, and whole grains are also great snacks for dieting. Low-fat cheese, yogurts, hard-boiled eggs, and edamame are all healthy snacks that will control your cravings to help manage your body weight as well.