Keto Friendly Gummy Bears To The Rescue!

Keto diets are common among people committed to improving their own health and wellness. Keto diets specifically target fats, enabling people to consume high protein and low carbohydrate foods to burn off more fats to improve their physique. It’s also a medical diet recommended by physicians to help treat children who suffer from epileptic seizures.

To make a keto diet work for you, you need to create a meal plan that includes a healthy amount of high-protein foods that will help you burn more fat. This doesn’t just mean your three square meals of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Healthy diets include several smaller servings throughout the day, and healthy snacks with low sugar and high protein can help sustain your appetite so that you achieve your goals with a keto diet.

So what kind of foods are keto-friendly but still delicious to taste? That’s what we’re going to help you learn in this article.

What does keto mean?

Keto stands for the term “ketogenic,” and it describes a low-carb high protein diet to help improve your health. The goal is to focus on eating foods that contain more protein and fat with fewer carbohydrates. This allows you to intake calories from healthier sources that are also easier to burn.

What not to eat on keto?

Since keto diets rely on high protein foods, you want to avoid foods that are high in carbohydrates, which contain calories that are much more difficult to burn off. Examples of these types of foods include things like sugars, sodas, white bread, and baked pastries that are loaded with carbs.

Additionally, many common snack foods are high in carbohydrates that are not compliant with a keto-friendly diet. Things like pretzels or potato chips are both high in sugar and carbs, making them a double no-no on a keto diet. Plus, you have to watch out for certain types of fruits. Bananas, for example, do have essential vitamins and nutrients, but they’re also high in carbs. Replacing bananas with healthier fruits like berries is a great alternative.

You can also review this guide on foods you can’t eat on keto and what to replace them with for more advice on how to stick to your keto diet.

Better Bears - Keto Friendly Gummy Bears To The Rescue!

What is a good keto-friendly snack before bed?

There are several recommended keto-friendly snacks that you can eat before turning in for the night. This helpful guide has a whole list of keto-friendly foods that you can choose from. Among your best options include things like:


Nuts are high in fat and contain traces of protein. Almonds and pistachios, in particular, are great sources of other vitamins and minerals that can help lull you into a restful night of sleep.


Eggs are a rich source of nutrients and provide a steady source of protein that aligns very well with a keto diet. You can have a supply of hard-boiled eggs stored in your refrigerator to snack on before bed, or whip up a creative egg recipe as an evening snack before going to sleep.


Avocados are all the rage these days since they’re low in carbs and high in fats and nutrients. Having a slice of avocado toast before bed could give you the nourishment you need to fall into a restful night of sleep.

Low carb low sugar bars

Sugar-free granola bars are a common snack throughout the day and the evening. Many people use these bars to control their snacking cravings and avoid eating high sugar or high carb threats that could disrupt their commitments to a keto diet.

Are gummy bears keto-friendly?

Traditional gummy bears are often loaded with sugar, which contains carbohydrates that are difficult for the body to process. But those are traditional gummies; there are friendlier alternatives that you can snack on to support a keto-friendly diet. In some cases, you can even have gluten-free gummies.

At Better Bears, all of our gummies are naturally sweetened snacks containing only plant-based ingredients. We use natural sweeteners to provide a snack that tastes exactly like traditional gummies but that only contains 1 gram of sugar in each pack. With 50 calories per bag, Better Bears gummies are one of the tastiest healthy snacks you can have to stick to your goals with a keto-friendly diet. The right place for your Keto-friendly gummy bears.

How to make Keto friendly gummy bears

We’ve created a helpful guide on how to enjoy sugar-free gummy bears to your heart’s desire. We break down the amount of sugar and carbs that you’ll find in traditional gummy bears and juxtapose those findings with the healthy contents found within Better Bears gummies. Our goal is to help you enjoy a healthier lifestyle with a delicious treat that supports hearty snacking.

If you’re more of a DIY experimenter, you can use your kitchen to create your own keto-friendly gummy bears using this recipe. Sometimes, you get more satisfaction out of enjoying a delicious treat that you make on your own.