Discover The Best Gluten-Free Candy

Gluten-based foods are delicious, but they can be very intolerable for people with gluten allergies, intolerances, or underlying health issues like Celiac disease. If your body is unable to process gluten in a healthy way, it’s important to find alternative foods that are gluten-free so that you can preserve a higher quality of life.

With Halloween approaching, it’s the time of year when demand for candy reaches a peak. While many candies are traditionally loaded with gluten and high quantities of sugar, companies like Better Bears have developed gluten-free candy that maintains a high quality of taste without compromising your body’s health. It’s the perfect snack with no guilt!

What is gluten-free candy?

Gluten is a group of protein-rich seeds commonly found in wheat and whole grains. For some people, the proteins within gluten are too tough for their bodies to digest and process in a natural way, which can cause underlying health issues.

Gluten-free candy is produced without any of the gluten proteins that can threaten people’s health or immune systems. This means that

  • Wheat
  • Rye
  • Barley
  • Spelt
  • Kamut
  • Triticale
  • Farina
  • Vital gluten semolina
  • Malt vinegar

At Better Bears, we’ve produced gluten-free candies that are naturally sweetened and contain only 1 gram of sugar. All of our products are high in fiber and contain only 50 calories per serving. With a commitment to use only natural ingredients, our plant-based candies are the perfect gluten-free alternative for a healthy snacking lifestyle.

Better Bears - Best Gluten-Free Candy - Variety Pack

What candy is gluten-free

Gluten-free candy has become more popular in recent years. Studies have shown the effects of gluten on people’s health and well-being, which spurred demand for healthier alternatives to traditional high gluten snacks.

The Celiac Disease Foundation is a helpful resource for people who live with conditions caused by gluten and high sugar foods. Their team put together a helpful guide of candies that are gluten-free, and they even categorized the findings into suggestions based on holidays and specific times of the year.

Are real fruit gummies gluten-free

Not only are real fruit gummies gluten-free, but they’re actually very beneficial for your health. The human body produces a protein called collagen that helps protect bones and joints from being damaged or eroded by active lifestyles. It’s particularly common for people who are physically active and committed to maintaining strong fitness programs.

As collagen padding wears away over time, the bones and joints are more exposed to each other. If they rub up against each other, it can cause significant health issues with weakened bone structure that compromises your lifestyle.

However, real fruit gummies like those produced by Better Bears are a healthy source of collagen that can supplement the collagen produced by your body. If your body becomes weakened due to a lack of sufficient collagen production, gluten-free candy like our real fruit gummies can help restore some of that collagen and allow your body to continue in your regular active lifestyle. It’s a great way to protect your own health interests and enjoy a delicious snack at the same time!

Better Bears - Best Gluten-Free Gummy Bears

Best gluten-free candy

So what are the best gluten-free candies you can add to your regular snacking routine? Better Bears offers a collection of real fruit gummies that are naturally sweetened, delicious to taste, and, best of all, completely gluten-free to support your own health.

Mixed berry gummies

They say variety is the spice of life, and variety is exactly what you get when you sample our mixed berry gummy bears. Combining different tastes like cherry, raspberry, and strawberry into one 50 calorie package, you get the sweet sensation of delicious berry goodness with zero guilt in making your selection. Try them out and we promise you’ll be hooked!

Tropical Citrus gummies

When the summer months come to an end, who doesn’t want to recapture that sunny sensation with a delicious taste of the tropics? That’s what you’ll get when you enjoy our Tropical Citrus gummy bears. With a healthy blend of citrus-like fruits of lime, orange, and pineapple in every bite, you can go gluten-free while whimsically enjoying the flavors of the tropics in every bag!

Variety Pack gummies

If you really want to experience the best gluten-free candy, you should go for the variety pack that includes all of our delicious treats. Our Variety pack gummies combine all 6 of our sugarless, gluten-free, and plant-based gummies into one amazing candy collection. If you want to experience the best of what Better Bears has to offer, this is the healthy snack for you!