A Better Snack Choice: Real Fruit Gummy Bears

Better Bears - Real Fruit Gummy Bears

When people think of gummy bears, the natural thought process is a type of food loaded with sugar that’s not suited for healthy active lifestyles. But those are the old days when gummies were manufactured using artificial ingredients. It’s no longer the only way they’re made.

Companies like Better Bears have developed low-calorie and low sugar gummy bears loaded with real fruit tastes that are delicious snacks to support balanced living. Real fruit gummy bears like those created by Better Bears are high in fiber and made using natural ingredients sourced from plant-based beginnings. From sweet berries to tropical fruits, you can get all the fruity taste in one convenient package with Better Bears.

So how can you tell the difference between gummy bears that are healthy for you and those that are not? What should you know about gummies to make the right decision for your own nutritional considerations? In this guide, we’ll help you make those distinctions so that you can do right by your own needs.

What are gummy bears made of?

Traditional gummy bears are manufactured in large factories using an array of artificial ingredients. These include items like sugar, gelatin, corn syrup, food colorings, citric acids, and other ingredients that create a gummy high in carbohydrates that are difficult to digest.

But that’s the old process of how to make gummy bears. Companies like Better Bears have developed a formula for naturally sweetened gummies that are high in fiber, gluten-free, and contain only one gram of sugar. You can learn more about our process by reading our story on how the Better Bears gummy bear came to exist.

Are gummy bears good for you?

There is a distinction between the types of gummy bears that are good for you vs. not so good. Traditional gummies that are manufactured using high sugars, starches, and other high-fat unhealthy ingredients are not healthy snacks for people. These types of gummies can harm your blood sugar, cholesterol, and your overall quality of life.

On the other hand, sugar-free gummy bears that are produced using natural sweeteners are considered healthy snacks for people to enjoy. Better Bears produces packages of gummy bears that contain only 50 calories per bag, and the gummies contain only one gram of sugar apiece. You can learn more about how to buy healthy sugar-free gummies online here.

Natural gummy bears

Besides being devoid of nearly all sugars and a high source of fiber, sugar-free gummies like those produced by Better Bears offer other underlying health benefits. Eating these types of gummies can benefit your bones, joints, and quality of living.

Within the human body is a natural protein called collagen, which the body produces en masse throughout your life. Collagen provides a layer of protection near your joints to prevent bones from rubbing against each other. When bones do grind away, it can cause irritable pain that is extremely uncomfortable so it’s important for the collagen in the body to do the work.

However, as we age, our bodies may not produce enough collagen on their own to protect our bones and joints. Sugar-free gummies use natural sweeteners that include proteins like collagen, which can help support your natural collagen production with an enhanced layer of protection. By regularly snacking on sugar-free gummies, you could insulate your bones against themselves and live a more active sustainable lifestyle for years to come.

Real fruit gummy bears

If you want a healthy snack that’s delicious but includes ingredients sourced from real fruits, you’ll want to sample Better Bears’ sweet collection of tasty gummies. All of our real fruit gummy bears are naturally sweetened to give you that delicious sensation. Best of all, they’re also gluten-free and stored in packaging that is 100% environmentally friendly.

Mixed berry gummies

It’s fun to mix things up in life, especially if that experimentation comes with the sweet taste of delicious fruit berries. Our mixed berry gummies include the taste of real fruit berries, including cherry, raspberry, and strawberry for a blend of delicious berry goodness. At only 50 calories per package, you can sample all the sweet berry sensations you can handle with no guilt at all!

Tropical citrus gummies

When the cold months settle upon us, it’s natural to wish for a more tropical experience that allows you to recapture the feeling of summer. That’s why a package of Better Bears’ tropical citrus gummies is the perfect tropical getaway on a budget. One bite blends the citrus-like fruits of lime, orange, and pineapple into a delicious reminder of what it’s like to experience life on the tropical islands. Don’t miss out on this experience!

Variety pack gummies

Why limit yourself to one fruit sensation when you can mix it up with a variety of different flavors? Our variety pack gummies include all of the sugarless sensations we produce at Better Bears so that you can indulge that sweet tooth with an explosive taste of deliciousness. If you want to experience the best of what Better Bears has to offer, this is the healthy snack for you!